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2005-10-17IT4profit R&D: Overdue notification service.
2005-09-18IT4profit R&D: Customer relations management
2005-09-02The latest news and changes on ITprofit
2005-08-25What’s New on IT4profit? General changes in the IT4profit system
2005-06-09e-Shop. New design, new functionality and new features
2005-05-12IT4profit presents supply chain solutions at System Builder Summit Europe.
2005-04-28IT4profit took part in the RosettaNet Distributor Forum in Brussels.
2005-04-16IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit Company Management.
2005-01-15PRESS RELEASE. IT4profit Enables Trading Partners to Automate Product Catalog Information Exchange.
2004-03-15Intel chips take a new number
2004-03-15Lite-On Technology to ship five million LCD monitors in 2004
2004-02-23IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit Purchasing.
2003-12-16PRESS RELEASE: Sky Computer Austria has implemented IT4profit’s product content.
2003-12-08IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit Purchasing.
2003-11-17IT4profit R&D: New changes in IT4profit Purchasing come into effect on Monday
2003-10-22IT4profit R&D: New changes in the Price Management module.
2003-10-02IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit reservation functions
2003-10-02IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit reservation functions
2003-07-08IT4profit R&D: Changes in document messaging interfaces
2003-07-07IT4profit R&D: Changes in IT4profit demand and supply management functionality and in administrative interfaces.
2003-06-23IT4profit R&D: Changes in item price and item margin management views
2003-05-19IT4profit took part in System Builder Summit 2003
2003-05-15Latest IT4profit Updates: New Flash Demos.
2003-04-21IT4profit Connectivity Center: Making Interoperability a Reality.
2003-04-10IT4profit R&D: Order Management offers new level of flexibility for Buyers and Sellers.
2003-02-11IT4profit R&D: e-Dealing and Company Administration module
2003-01-20IT4profit R&D: Recent updates
2003-01-20Making search in IT4profit e-Catalog easier
2002-10-09Press Release: IT4profit announces a new service in e-catalog content management.
2002-10-02Press Release: ASBIS selects IT4profit B2B Exchange to create own online business community