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e-Dealing is more than just an auction

e-Dealing is developed to bring visibility of demand and supply in your channel, for every market or geography you operates in. e-Dealing is a proactive and intelligent sales and marketing tool which allows you to create deals to your customers and request for quotes your suppliers.

You are able to create tailor made ‘deals’ for your customers defining what is important to you before you set up an offer. This is far more than just an auction which is essentially a price driven.

Getting the best price for a deal is always important but in many instances this is not the overriding factor. Higher priorities can often be ‘uncancellable orders’, ‘credit lines’, ‘bundled offers’ or even ‘previous history’. This gives you enough information to make the right deal for the conditions at the time.

You can also launch a request for quotation (RFQ) to your manufacturers and suppliers to match the demand coming from your customers with the supply availability. Your suppliers soon know that RFQs from you are backed up by solid demand, and this gives you credibility and strength in your negotiations with them.

e-Dealing Features

  • Dealing on several key parameters with the ability to set the priorities for these parameters;
  • Conducting a deal with a target group of your customers or suppliers;
  • Ability to define your priorities such as product price, terms of delivery, etc. while requesting for supply;
  • Evaluating customers’ and suppliers’ offers on the base of the previously selected set of parameters;
  • Conducting tenders;
  • Ability to supply products via intermediary.

Benefits of e-Dealing

  • You get the real ratio between demand from your customers and supply offers from your manufacturers and suppliers;
  • You can deal with both your top and small customers at the same time;
  • You conduct deals and select best offers from invitees on the base of several business parameters;
  • You send requests to your suppliers backed up by the real demand from your customers;
  • You can quickly and in full measure satisfy needs of your customers.

Recently implemented e-Dealing solutions

Go to ITDealing portal e-Dealing solution is successfully implemented at ITDealing portal, a collaborative platform for OEMs, distributors, resellers and other trading partners in South Europe markets and beyond to optimize their buying and selling processes. Participants offer their products or post their RFQs and let the market report, analyse and negotiate for these products or potential orders.

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View e-Dealing Product Brief (.PDF 80KB) >>

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