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Implementation and Back Office Integration

Customer Success is the main goal of IT4profit. To achieve this goal, we provide rapid, cost-effective implementation of IT4profit solutions at a low, predictable cost.

Software implementation is an individual process and cannot be “one size fits all”. Some customers may require fine tune implementation to fit our software to existing or desired business processes, and other customers want standard implementation, for example, if they are under time or budget pressure. That is why IT4profit implementation program provides the flexibility for multiple approaches to each implementation, to fit customers needs in the best way.

IT4profit implementation team ensures the quality of all new products in person. On-site system installation services are performed to guarantee the hardware and software runs optimally in the environment for which it was intended before a go-live is complete.

IT4profit provides:

  • Technical and hardware facilities;
  • Continuous operation and round-the-clock technical support;
  • Determines functions of system's participants and exercises control on function's execution;
  • Provides required security, privacy and reliability level.

IT4profit provides full range of services on solution maintenance:

  • Hardware and software configuration, reconfiguration and management;
  • Data integrity support;
  • Security system technical service and maintenance;
  • Prevent unauthorized access to secure places.