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PRESS RELEASE: Sky Computer Austria has implemented IT4profit’s product content.

Sky Computer Austria  has implemented IT4profit’s product content to enhance their e-business presence. IT4pofit product content was seamlessly integrated to Sky Computer's existing online catalog. Now Sky Computer customers can support their purchasing decisions by getting access to rich product information.   

“We have been using IT4profit’s product content since September” said Martin Pulletz, Sky Computer “and we are already seeing the benefits. Our existing customers like the richer information we now provide and we seem to be attracting new customers to our site. IT4profit has produced our product data and maintains it and are good value for money.”

“The presence of good product information is a key factor to your web success,” said Alastair Hunter, CEO of IT4profit. “We see  product content as the hook to get customers returning again and again to web site. Customers want detailed product information in a clear and consistent format to help them with their buying decisions. So, up-to-date product content becoming more and more critical and we are happy to provide reliable source of product content to our customers.”

About Sky Computers

Sky Computer Austria is a distributor of computer components and peripherals, memory, mainboards, CPUs, HDDs and other computer accessories.

About IT4profit

IT4profit is focused on providing e-business solutions for the IT distribution industry. IT4profit's solutions offer visibility into the demand and supply chains for participants in the IT distribution channel and includes  Product Content, e-Catalog, e-Order Management, e-Inventory Management, e-Dealing, Connectivity and a B2B exchange platform. IT4profit's solutions are today helping distributors, their customers and suppliers in over 22 countries worldwide.