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Accept, to agree to all terms in published deal or offer.<<<

Access Rights Module, determines structure; defines set of functions and access rights to modules & services of all participants according to their roles at the Exchange; provides multi-level security control.<<<

Aggregated Purchase Order, a summary Purchase Order with the total quantity of products required, created on the base of several Purchase Orders from Sales Manager.<<<

Anonymity, , conceals the bidders' identities during bidding event. The bidder see offers from all the bidders invited to the deal, but does not know who the author is of the specific offer. The originator knows the identities of the bidders<<<

Availability Request, buyer posts his intention to purchase a particular item or service then asks seller to confirm availability.<<<

ASP (Application Service Provider), service provider that deliver software, as a service, over the Internet. ASPs provide contract service offering to deploy, host, manage and rent access to an application from a centrally managed facility. <<<

Administrator of e-Exchange, a special role of the user. Exchange Administrator has the rights: to create Business Groups (Active Participants), to set Administrators in them; to change parameters of the applications (site structure, roles, general guides, etc); to manage the licenses.<<<

Administrator of Business Group, special role of the user. Business Group Admin is appointed by Exchange Admin or by the existing Business Group Administrator. As a rule, it is an administrator of a company - Active Participant. Business Group Admin has the rights: to create companies within the framework of one Business Group; to change company's role inside a certain business group.<<<

Auction, a sale where goods or services are bought or sold.<<<

Auction Status, current state of an auction.<<<

Open Auction,  an auction which is currently open for bidding activity.<<<

Complete Auction,  an auction which is closed for bidding activity.<<<

Auction Type, denotes whether an auction is forward or reverse, private or public.<<<

Dutch Auction,  a basic descending-price auction. Bidding starts at a high price and is progressively lowered until a buyer claims an item.<<<

English Auction,  the most common type of auction. The English format can be used for an auction containing either a single item or multiple items. In an English Forward Auction, the price is raised successively until the auction closes. In an English Reverse Auction, the price is lowered until the auction closes.<<<

Sealed Bid Auction,  auction where participant bids remain secret from other participants.<<<

Yankee Auction,  an auction where one or more identical items are offered for sale at the same time. In a Yankee Forward Auction, the buyers with the highest bids at auction close are the declared the winners of the available merchandise at their bid price. In a Yankee Reverse Auction, the Bidders with the lowest bids at auction close are the winners of the available merchandise at their bid price.<<<

Forward Auction,  an auction in which bidders compete for the best prices the seller will accept for the items or services.<<<

Reverse Auction,  an auction when the creator would like to buy a product, the bidders compete to sell the products. In reverse auctions, the bids are arranged in descending order. <<<

Private Auction,  auctions on which only a limited number of bidders may participate. Bidders are invited to the event by Merchant.<<<

Public Auction,  auction on which any registered bidder may place a bid.<<<

Availability Request, the buyer posts their intention to purchase a particular item or service then asks merchants to confirm an availability. Responsibility of Purchase Manager.<<<


Back Quantity, quantity of product indicated in “accept” or “accept with changes” message received from supplier if product is not available on a merchant’s free stock.<<<

Bid, proposal of the participants of dealing or auction: a buyer's offer to purchase a good or service or a merchant's offer to provide a good or service.<<<

Business Group, a company (legal entity) with its business partner network or companies which belong to one corporation with their partner networks (participants of supply chain: e.g. customers, suppliers, creditors, forwarders). Business group is a virtually separate business (not visible for anyone else outside its frameworks) at the Exchange.<<<

Business Group – to Business Group model, business model of Exchange. IT4profit platform enables all members of the Business Group to improve effectiveness of data exchange and to create their own trading exchanges within the group. Existing business relationships of partners within a Business Group remain private. Business Groups become visible to each other and online collaboration starts when participants sign the Trade Electronic Agreement.<<<

Business Group Owner, the owner of a Business Group and the owner of IT4profit member license.<<<

Business Services Provider, a third-party vendor that supplies a business service.<<<

Business Services, services that bring additional value to the basic transaction. These services — which may include shipping, taxation, regulatory compliance, credit checks, logistics, or other transaction-related service — are intended to enable users to complete more of the process at the Exchange.<<<

Buyer, a role of the user. Buyer purchases products or services through IT4profit B2B Exchange.<<<


Cancel, to remove an offer prior to acceptance by another party.<<<

Category, a broad division of parts or products that can be divided into groups according to their nature or type. A field in product e-Catalogue that is used for product searches.<<<

Close Time, the date and time the deal will be closed to additional bidding activity, determined by the originator.<<<

Community, IT4profit's body of users.<<<

Company (Legal Entity), the main participant of the Exchange. The company belongs to one Business Group.<<<

Content, the basic building block of e-commerce. For e-marketplaces, content is divided into two categories — catalog content and editorial content.<<<

Catalog Content,  represents the electronic aggregation of products and services that a Supplier makes available for purchase.<<<

Editorial Content,  is community-specific content such as articles, newsletters, ratings, and other information.<<<

Content Management,  the process of capturing content, normalizing the disparate entries into a standardized format, hosting the content, and continually updating the content to reflect the latest product additions, modifications, or deletions.<<<

Country of Origin, the country in which the parts were originally manufactured.<<<

Creditor, a role of the user. Participant who delivers financial services through IT4profit B2B exchange.<<<


Deal, Merchant's proposal to the participants of e-Dealing. Only Merchant has the right to open a deal, select and invite participants to take part in it.<<<

Deal History, allows participants to view all deals made on e-Dealing.<<<

Deal Quantity, the number of units the bidder is interested in buying or selling.<<<

Deal Status, current state of a deal. <<<

Open Deal,  a deal which is currently open for bidding activity.<<<

Closed Deal,  a deal which is closed for bidding activity.<<<

Completed Deal,  a final state of the deal after it is closed, all offers from Buyers are accepted and products are distributed according to priorities declared in the conditions of this deal.<<<

Deal Type,  denotes whether a deal is forward or reverse, defines the target. <<<

Target My Direct Customers,  created by Merchants to deal with their direct customers. Or by Suppliers to deal with Merchants who are direct customers of the Supplier.<<<

Target My Indirect Customers,  created by Merchants to deal with their indirect customers.<<<

Deal with My Sales Representatives,  created and managed by Procurement Manager of Merchant or group of Merchants. Sales representatives are invited here to place offers and bid on behalf of "their" customers.<<<

Demand Research before Purchase,  by merchants to find out demand ratio for deal items.<<<

Search Supply,  allows Merchants or Buyers to search for supply versus particular demand they have. Direct Suppliers of the Merchant or direct Merchants of the Buyer are invited to place their supply offers. All offers are scored by key parameters of the deal and best suppliers get confirmation for supply.<<<

Deal with My Freight Forwarders,  created to take best freight offer to optimize deliveries of goods.<<<

Deal with Creditors,  created by Merchants to deal with their indirect creditors.<<<

Demand, purchasing requirements of particular products or services determines on the base of Purchase Orders and previous purchasing statistics.<<<

Dynamic Pricing, a buying or selling process where the prices for products and services are determined in almost near real time between trading partners based on the market conditions and current supply and demand.<<<

Dynamic Sourcing, the process of finding and evaluating potential products, services, and trading partners in near-real time based on the market conditions, current supply and demand, and other relevant decision criteria.<<<


e-Catalog Module, defines and organizes rich detailed content about all products and services offered at the Exchange; enables companies to acquire dynamic product information, manage it centrally, customize it for specific marketing activities and customers, and distribute it to multiple business channels.<<<

e-Dealing and Auctions Module, the intelligent sales and marketing solution which allows business partners to find real market price for goods and services, to determine their priorities to each deal by multiple business parameters such as wished sales price, credit terms, revenue, currency risks, point of sales date, sales run rate and others<<<

e-Dealing Engine, the selection of business rules which allows to manage products distribution on e-deal closing.<<<

e-Mail Support, Contractor's project managers and technical specialists online support of Customer's responsible representatives in cases of urgent issues, bug reports, problems fix. The maximum response time for requests is one working day. <<<

e-Marketplace, the preferred term for an Internet destination that is built on an inter-enterprise commerce platform, that supports complex, collaborative business processes, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings for all participants. <<<

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), a class of comprehensive business applications that enable organizations to integrate and automate key internal operations such as finance, human resources, and production.<<<

e-Purchasing module, One of core architectural modules of IT4profit B2B Exchange.It organizes interaction between supply chain participants in the framework of products and services purchasing; optimizes marketing and logistics activities; setups and performs freight links between all trading participants at the Exchange, determines freight sales prices and actual freight costs; generates trade sales and purchase invoices, prepares the financial entries for import to external ERP.<<<

Exchange, one of the many terms coined for web sites dedicated to providing online business-to-business transactions. Exchanges are typically large vertical e-commerce sites dedicated to a single industry. For large-scale, cross-industry markets such as office suppliers, an exchange may be a large horizontal e-commerce site. The preferred term is e-marketplace. <<<

Extranet, private web site that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders. Whereas an intranet resides behind a firewall and is accessible only to people who are members of the same company or organization, an extranet provides various levels of accessibility to outsiders. An extranet can only be accessed with a valid username and password with the user profile determining which parts of the extranet can be viewed. Extranets are very popular means for business partners to exchange information.<<<


Forecast, prediction of products and services orders on the base of previous purchasing statistics or Supply and Demand state<<<

Forwarder, a role of the user. Participant who delivers logistic services through IT4profit B2B Exchange.<<<

Function, is a selection of rights (allowed actions) in the system for the particular user or group of users. Functions are the basis for access rights and system’s security, interface customization according to users functional responsibilities. One user can combine 2 and more roles, functional responsibilities, for example, Buyer and Supplier.<<<

Function root, is a basis of functions forming which reflects user’s field (Sales, Purchase, Logistics, Finance, Credit, Treasure, Marketing, etc.)<<<


Hardware Support, a part of maintenance provided by ASP which includes: configuration, reconfiguration and management servers of operational systems; configuration, reconfiguration and management applications servers; configuration, reconfiguration and management database servers.<<<

Horizontal Markets cross multiple industries and can be targeted at specific functions or roles. Horizontal markets include office supplies, computer equipment, and janitorial supplies.<<<

Hotline Support, Contractor's project managers and technical specialists phone consulting of Customer's responsible representatives in urgent cases.<<<


Intranet, an internal Internet. An intranet is a network based on TCP/IP protocols and belonging to an organization, usually a corporation. An intranet is accessible only by the organization's members, employees, or other authorized users. An intranet's web sites look and act just like any other web site but the firewall surrounding an intranet fends off unauthorized access. Secure intranets are the fastest-growing segment of the Internet because they are much less expensive to build and manage than private networks based on proprietary protocols.<<<

Invoice, the document which Seller put forward to Buyer on account of Sales Order.<<<

IT, Information Technology.<<<, is the online many-to-many business-to-business "B2B" Exchange for professionals in the Information Technologies "IT" industries. It enables multiple suppliers and buyers to trade IT components, subsystems, systems, technologies and services at dynamic prices due to increase productivity as well as reduce operational costs by improving business process efficiencies and increasing a power supply chain.<<<


License type, the level of participation at IT4profit, correspondent rights and available services. There are five types of license: Try and Buy, Basic, Silver, Platinum and Service provider Basic.<<<

Try and Buy  allows members to have access rights to all functional modules and to operate all roles at<<<

Basic member license,  allows members to access all functional modules and roles; to have the following number of partners for each role: Merchant –10, Supplier -5, Buyer – up to 1000, Forwarder – 5, Creditor -2; “Try Buy” license for 1 month.<<<

Service provider Basic member license,  allows separate finance and logistics service providers to participate at the Exchange under Creditor or Forwarder roles correspondently and is equal to “Basic” member license. <<<

Silver member license  allows members to access all architectural modules with all functions; to access all roles: Merchant, Supplier, Buyer, Forwarder, Creditor; to have the following number of partners for each role: Merchant – 20, Supplier -10, Buyer – up to 2000, Forwarder – 10, Creditor -5; linked e-Catalog, e-Dealing Auctions and e-Purchasing modules; e-Dealing results export to ERP; the link to finance system; “Try Buy” license for 2 month.<<<

Platinum member license  means: B2B Exchange Equity Sharing; accessibility to all architectural modules with all functions; accessibility to all roles: Merchant, Supplier, Buyer, Forwarder, Creditor; unlimited number of partners for all roles at the Exchange; the license to register new merchants; IT4Profitt Board Committee participation and the right to vote for new active participants of; the links between e-Catalog, e-Dealing Auctions and e-Purchasing; e-Dealing results export to ERP; the link to finance system; e-Catalogue customized front-end design; individual Account Manager; “Try Buy” license for 3 month.<<<

Liquidity, unrestricted and free-flowing commerce on an e-marketplace. Typically requires more participants to ensure greater transaction volume.<<<


Maintenance, actions to keep the software applications working. The maintenance includes hardware support, software support, support of integrity of the data, security support.<<<

Manufacturer, a role of the user. The original manufacturer of parts or products. A field at the IT4Profitt product e-Catalogue that is used for product searches.<<<

Marketplace, an Internet destination that is built on a commerce platform and enables companies to congregate and conduct electronic commerce.<<<

Membership type, IT4Profitt offers six types of memberships to qualified industry participants: Supplier, Buyer, Merchant, Creditor, Forwarder, Visitor.<<<

Merchant, a role of the user. Merchant combines Supplier’s and Buyer’s roles and functions at IT4Profitt B2B Exchange. Merchants has the right to create deals.<<<

Merchant User, Merchant’s employee.<<<

Module, a functional software application; component parts of Exchange: e-Catalog, e-Dealing Auctions, e-Purchasing, Access Rights<<<


Offer, a Buyer's binding commitment to buy certain goods specified in an open e-deal. In the offer Buyer may determine own business priorities and make own propositions re price, terms, quantity and other business parameters. Buyer can change the offer while the deal is open. An offer is binding until the deal is not closed.<<<

Operator, a role of the user. The preferred term for the day-to-day operations of an e-Exchange.<<<


Part Number, the manufacturer's part number. A field in the IT4Profitt product e-Catalogue that is used for product searches.<<<

Payment Terms, the originator of a deal or an auction must select the method by which payment is to be made from the Buyer to the Supplier at the end of the deal or the auction.<<<

Pending, indicates that the entire quantity of a deal has not been met and the remaining quantity is still available to trade.<<<

Platinum member license, see License type<<<

PO, POs Purchase order.<<<

Price, indicates the unit price. Must be multiplied by the total quantity to determine the total price. Deal or Auction prices can be determined in local currency if it is indicated in an open deal or an auction.<<<

Procurement, the entire purchasing process including planning, sourcing, acquisition, transportation, delivery, and performance management.<<<

Product Type, a group or class of parts or products that share certain qualities. A field in the IT4Profitt product e-Catalogue that is used for product searches.<<<

Purchase Order (PO), the document that Buyer sends to Supplier to confirm readiness to buy products on terms stipulated. Contains a head part (where supplier, stock and other general attributes are indicated) and one or several lines (items) according to the number item names (where item code, quantity, price, etc. are indicated).<<<

Purchase Order Line, a separate entry of Purchase Order, which specifies particular item and indicates item code, quantity, price, etc.<<<


Role, the duty or purpose of a company in activity at Exchange. The roles available at IT4Profitt are Supplier, Buyer, Merchant, Creditor, Forwarder, Operator and Visitor. The list will be extended by Manufacturer. The roles determine company’s rights in a Business Group. Roles have meaning only within a particular Business Group.<<<

Roles combination, is designed in such a way that company users can get functions that are applicable to different roles.<<<

RosettaNet,  a consortium of major IT, electronic components, and semiconductor manufacturing companies working to create and implement industry-wide, open e-commerce process standards.<<<


Sales Manager (SM), the person responsible for sales in a company.<<<

Sales Order (SO), the document that Supplier sends to Buyer to confirm readiness to sell products to Buyer on terms stipulated. Contains, as Purchase order (PO) a heard part and a one or several item lines.<<<

Sales Order Line, a separate entry of Sales Order, which specifies particular item. Indicates item code, quantity, price, etc.<<<

Sales Representative, Merchant’s user to whom SREP_CODE is given.<<<

Security support, a part of maintenance provided by ASP which includes: configuration, reconfiguration and management licensed security software; setup and management relevant environment to prevent unauthorized access to secure places.<<<

Service Provider Basic, see License type.<<<

Silver member license,  see License type<<<

Software support, a part of maintenance provided by ASP, which includes: configuration, reconfiguration and management licensed software.<<<

Supplier, a role of the user. Participant who sells products and services through IT4Profitt B2B Exchange.<<<

Supplier management, the process used by the purchasing organization to track and evaluate supplier performance and control. In the electronic requisitioning environment, more data is available for comparison and more time is free for improvement of this process.<<<

Supply chain, the supply chain links supplier and user organizations and includes all activities involved in the production and delivery of goods and services, including planning and forecasting, procurement, production/operations, distribution, transportation, order management, and customer service<<<

Supply Priority Rating, the mechanism of Byers' Orders ranking. Applied in "Split of goods strategy for the deal" on e-deals closing.<<<

Support of integrity of the data, a part of maintenance provided by ASP, which includes: files servers backups; data bases backups; support DB servers of hot reserve.<<<


Trade Electronic Agreement, the document which initiates Merchant’s collaboration with other merchants. Collaboration starts when Merchant sign electronic agreement with other Merchants and with MP suppliers, and establish supply chains.<<<

Trading community, a group of users that conducts business transactions online.<<<

Trading exchange, one of the many terms coined for web sites dedicated to providing online business-to-business transactions. Also commonly referred to as an e-marketplace.<<<

Try and Buy, see License type<<<


Vertical Markets,  are targeted at single industries and integrate multiple roles and functions within that industry.<<<

Visitor, a role of the user. Potential participant of IT4Profitt B2B Exchange familiarizing with system’s features.<<<


Web server, a computer that delivers web pages. Every web server has an IP address and possibly a domain name. The server fetches the page and sends it to your browser. Any computer can be turned into a web server by installing server software and connecting the machine to the Internet.<<<


XML Extensible Markup Language, a meta language for the web that is more flexible than HTML. XML uses data tags to define the type of data contained within the tags.<<<