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Customers want product information but having got it also want to compare products and get qualified advice while purchasing with you.

We develop sales support solutions that convert product information into your most knowledgeable sales person. Our solutions help you increase sales by offering products that meet your customers’ needs.

Interconnectivity Hub Product Adviser guides your customers through your product catalog or online shop to the products that meet their needs. Your customers can compare products of different vendors by features. They can make the best selection among products with similar features or equal in price. Product adviser allows you to promote products from one product category and help customers find the most appropriate products.

Interconnectivity Hub System Builder helps your customers themselves assemble PCs with specific configuration. Even if a buyer has minimum computer knowledge, system builder allows him to pick components and assemble new computer on his own. Assembling runs in interactive regime. If the user selects motherboard for Intel Pentium 4 CPU, at the next step he will be offered only components compatible with this particular motherboard. Each component offered is provided with detailed description, product specification and image.

Pricing and availability information is delivered directly from your ERP. That is why your customers get current and up-to-date information and can see the cost of their computer on each stage of assembling.

Interconnectivity Hub Complementary Product Selling. Don’t let your customers buy complementary products and consumables from your competitors. Offer them all they need at one place. For instance, if your customer is interested in PDA you can offer him compatible memory cards, cases or tapes for screen protection. Use cross selling as –į promotional tool and offer your customer top complementary products that other customers have bought.

Interconnectivity Hub Customizable Product Tree & Product Cards. Each your customer is unique, because he buys particular products for particular purposes. Let your customers choose themselves a tree of product categories in your online catalog and decide in what form and what product information they want to see on your product cards.

Interconnectivity Hub Glossary Assistant. Do you use specialized terms in your online catalog or on your web site? Let your customers click on unclear term and get clear explanations. By sharing your knowledge with your customers you give them more confidence and make them feel comfortable on your website.

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As profit margins continue to slide, the value of good product information in the distribution channel climbs.>>

CIO Agenda 2003, volume two

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Our Content Factory is open for cooperation with distributors, resellers, integrators, online shops, b2b and b2c projects that need the quality product content. To get more information, please contact us at or our representative offices .