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2005-09-07Gigabyte introduces Nvidia nForce Professional RoHS-compliant motherboard
2005-08-19Nvidia: Integrated chipset shortage to push graphics card sales
2005-08-18Toshiba ships first perpendicular hard drive
2005-08-18A-Data announces DDR2-667 SO-DIMM
2005-08-17Seagate thrashing hard drive competitors
2005-08-17Intel focuses on mobile device chips
2005-08-09AMD To Release Virtualization Simulator AMD To Release Virtualization Simulator
2005-08-09Nvidia sees double in Dell box
2005-08-04IBM doubles speed of silicon germanium chips
2005-07-28Asustek to shift all production lines to China by 3Q06
2005-07-26AMD to offer RoHS-compliant processors
2005-07-22AOpen i915GMm-HFS - Pentium M motherboard
2005-07-18CPU magazine reviewed the ABIT AW8-MAX and awarded it with "4 CPU" and nearly a perfect product.
2005-07-15Hewlett-Packard Reportedly Set for Overhaul
2005-07-12AMD reveals 64-bit Sempron prices
2005-07-08Maxtor Ships Atlas HDDs With SAS Interface
2005-07-06New Intel nForce board raises SLI bar
2005-07-04New processors from Intel
2005-06-29AMD's case: market forces or manipulation?
2005-06-28Can anyone compete with Intel? AMD says, 'No!'
2005-06-27AMD's New Athlon 64 FX-57 Rocks on Games
2005-06-24Graphics-card makers to ship Nvidia GeForce 7 series cards at end of June
2005-06-16IBM reveals AMD Opteron blade for clusters
2005-06-16Nvidia cuts prices on entry-level and mainstream processors
2005-06-15MSI expects monthly mobo shipments to grow 50% in 2H
2005-06-13Gigabyte launches GA-8I955X i-DNA motherboard
2005-06-10Intel boosts 2Q revenue forecast
2005-06-10Seagate Reveals Perpendicular Hard Drive Products
2005-06-10Maxtor to launch the Hercules of HHDs: 500GB
2005-06-10Unfazed, IBM pumps Power chip program
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